I have been in Indy now for almost a month, and I am loving every moment of it. Yes, there have been massive snow storms practically every weekend, I was even lucky enough to get here right before the Polar Vortex, but still, this is what I needed to do to help with the next part of my life.

With all the excitement around my new home, job, city, and surroundings I have found myself wondering if leaving the BF is making me a shitty GF?

Recently a chat with a friend of mine got me thinking, why does time apart in my relationship work, yet others can't imagine being apart for periods of time?

The BF and I have always been an 'interesting' couple too many of my friends. On girls night the other girls were busy reporting to their BFs about the night, while I was all about having a fun time. Going away for a wedding weekend, the BF knew that everything was fine, texts were exchanged, but I didn't step away from the festivities every 2 hours to talk to him on the phone. Getting way too drunk at the Frat house and going to the Spring Formal with BLil didn't freak him out, heck he encouraged me to enjoy college.

Yet with all of this, I still have friends who seem to not have the type of happy relationship that I seem to have. With the job in Indy was there was never a time where I thought the BF wouldn't like the idea. Sure we are apart, but this is something that I really wanted and worked hard for.

I have plans on applying for a Fellowship in the UK that would mean another 9 months apart, but it sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and  steps like this are necessary to get where I want to go. So he encourages me to go for it.

I have a dear friend from college who couldn't imagine even applying for a job because it requires a MONTH of training in another state. This meant that she would be apart from her BF and he just wouldn't approve. Could you imagine turning down opportunities because of something so small? Getting into a career that can lead to some excellent opportunities is something that should be worth a month apart. But in that relationship, I suppose that being apart to reach your dreams isn't something that is supported, which baffles me!

In the end, I know I am not a shitty gf, I am just in a trusting relationship where we can both encourage each other as we try to reach our dreams. Yet I still can't imagine how other couples freak with the idea of living apart, but still, I am glad that living life is something that has made my relationship strong enough to deal with the distance.

* Sorry for the extra random post, but heck just thoughts on life! And some mad props to my fantastic BF for being there for me through all my adventures and dreams! Thanks for the support babe :)