Who doesn't love the idea of being done with college? I know I hate it, but it is still an exciting time! Walking across the stage, getting your diploma, and the idea of being done with Finals forever is possibly the best.

I am here to give some advice on how to spend the last few (most likely 2 months or less) of college and what to do before you walk the stage!

    • Avoid having to do this later or needing one ASAP for a job/ internship/post grad degree -- just have a few somewhere that you can get to them if required that doesn't require going through your University. 
  2. UPDATE YOUR RESUME and have someone (or multiple people) read it. Let a professor, career advisor or mentor check it! 
  3. While you are prepping your resume - create a few versions of Cover Letters for jobs and again get someone to check it! 
  4. Speaking of professors, ask a few if they would be ok as a future reference and grab their contact details. 
  5. Take advantage of you STUDENT DISCOUNTS. Want a new computer, most companies give fantastic student discounts - so buy what you need before you have to pay full price!
  6. Take in all the FREE ACTIVITIES AT UNI. Yes, there are still classes and finals to deal with, but while your still a student enjoy what your university has to offer! Spring activities at my undergrad ranged from free concerts, free food, and Etiquette Dinners (useful for the job hunt)
  7. DO SOMETHING YOU WOULDNT USUALLY DO. Now I am not talking about anything insane and illegal - just have fun. Mine included a night breaking into (hopping over the fence) at the pool on campus and going for a midnight swim! Nothing major but a memory I will always remember. 
  8. INVEST IN YOURSELF AND FUTURE. You are about to head away from your world for the last four years and head off to another chapter of your life. When you head out into the 'real world' you will be on the job hunt, work from 9-5, and no longer have a Fall/ Spring / Summer break. 
    • Go out and buy a professional/semi- professional wardrobe
    • Invest in a quality Interview outfit & bag
    • Pamper yourself for a day
  9. Go through and figure out what you need to keep/ get rid of. I kept a lot of my coursework from my degree and I was headed off to grad school. Even if you aren't headed off to more school, maybe keep a project sample or writing sample in case it's needed. 
  10. ENJOY IT ALL - your time in college, your friends, your roommates and your college campus. Sure you will head back / keep in contact with some people but it's absolutely insane how amazing college life is while your there. 

Congrats to all you future grads and live it up these last few months :)