It is now (almost) mid-April, and I know that many of you are planning for that moment where you get to say "I made it through college". Yes, graduation is exciting. You made it through 4 years of tests, exams, late night study sessions, projects and rough nights. All of this may lead you to think that you are done with everything from the last four years, that all the information you've crammed into your head is all you need. Well, I am here to tell you the things that you should keep from college, and I am not talking about the two-story beer bong or your childhood teddy bear.

Here is the list of things that I would HIGHLY recommend you hold onto as you venture out to the real world, looking for jobs or going on to grad school or whatever you have planned.

  1. Books from the classes that are your major. Sure you can google the hell out of things to 'refresh' yourself before you go to a job, take the GRE/PCAT/ blah-blah-blah, but I always find it much easier to go to my books (filled with tabs and highlights) and look up what I am trying to figure out. It could be a theory, math equation, instrument setups, I usually have them written out from one class or another. And reviewing things like that may come in hand if your applying for a job that wants you to work with something specifically from your background.
  2.  Writing Sample, one that has been critiqued, graded and your professors approved of. It can be a lab report, newspaper article, Honors paper, or even your pottery portfolio. Whatever it is, make sure it is something that you would be proud to share, let it show off your rioting talents and make sure that it is your 'best' piece you can show. Jobs, grad schools, and internships/fellowships often ask for one so go ahead and have one ready! 
  3. Poster or presentation that you may have done. There have been times in interviews where I have gotten asked to explain some research that is on my Resume. Being that some of it is now 4 years old, I know to refresh myself on it before going in for interviews! 
  4. If your planning to go to grad school or maybe even thinking about it, I suggest keeping notes, study guides, homework, and test from your undergrad. There have been countless times that I have gone back to my old notes/test to look at how to do something. Much easier 'recalling' how to do something when you have your actual work in front of you!
  5. My last tip is organizing all this shit I just told you to keep. How about making an ultimate college reference binder. Go through and organise/keep anything that may be important in a large binder! Easy to do, a bit time consuming but probably well worth it in the end.