I am back finally. I am terrible at getting on a schedule with all of the road trips that I have been on. Lucky me though today I head back to school and am back to writing, research and prepping for the start of the semester! Well, this past week I headed Connecticut for my little brothers Navy Sub School Graduation. There will be a post showing the graduation and the sub museum in Groton, Connecticut!

First I wanted to share the fantastic seaside town of Mystic Connecticut! It is home to Mystic Pizza the pizza shop that inspired the film Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts and Matt Damon.  Some amazing ice cream shops, a charming drawbridge that you can sit by and watch the boat pass under and also some of the best seafood I have ever eaten! So hope you enjoy all the pictures and I am happy to be back blogging!!!!

Dinner with a view and the place to go in Mystic!
Food at The S&P Oyster Company!
 (L-R) Stuffed Poblano Pepper with crab, shrimp, cheese and some other yumminess. Fried oysters. Veggie Quesadilla.
We didn't eat at Mystic Pizza, but this photo proves we're close!!!
The Drawbridge and my mom bombing a photo, which was her thing this trip!
Shopping and art around the town! This whale was at the local bookstore!
Note to self - Having your brother and BF take pictures of you tends not to work well!

Well there they are Mystic Connecticut told through photos! I must say I loved this town and wish I could live there in a houseboat!!!!

Question for everyone----
 Who has seen Mystic Pizza? My mom continually told me to watch it (I still haven't seen it) and yet she said it was a famous movie.