Well, this will be more of a photo diary with some oh some essential points that I thought I would share my adventure heading up Arthur's Seat the other weekend.

First off Arthur's Seat is an ancient volcano that provides the BEST views of the city! There is also the ruins of  St Anthony's Chapel, a 15th-century medieval chapel.

The hike itself is not that bad, we went up on a day with clear blue skies and the sun beating down on us! Needless to say, it was nothing like the typical Scottish weather that we are used to.

As for the hike, there are 4 ways to get up to the top ( a better idea of the routes can be found here).

When we decided to hike up, we, unfortunately, went mid-day and on a day that the top was filled with people. So Tip #1 GO EARLY, especially if you want some decent pictures at the top!
Like I said the place was filled with people making a photo impossible to take at the top!

We also decided that we would take a different way down to get a view of what all we missed on the way up! So if you can Tip #2 Take 2 routes, one on your way up and one on your way down! 

The ruins of  St Anthony's Chapel, a 15th-century medieval chapel. 
Tip # 3 Pack a lunch and enjoy the view from the top! Seriously when the weather is terrific, you should enjoy it to the max, plus the views at the top are AMAZING

View of the Castle

The Palace and the Parliament Building
Lastly, make sure to enjoy an ice-cream when you get down to the bottom, there is always a convenient ice-cream truck there!