Well lets not even make up some BS excuses of why it's been 6 months since the last post. I simply just stopped, felt a lack of motivation, who knows really I took a very long hiatus.

Needless to say, given that I am writing this, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things, share what travels I have been up to, how my Ph.D. is going, and what life has thrown my way. 

The first night of our NC500 road trip. 

Uni / PhD update 

Recently I have felt pretty motivated with Uni life, writing is writing, but hopefully, the gibberish I write on the page will come together in an amazing thesis. Dreams right, but a girl can hope. I recently presented at 2 conferences, both of which I feel went very well. The audience seemed interested in my findings, along with giving some valuable feedback of further research to do.
Window glass analysis using portable X-ray Fluorescence. 

A stroll around Cambridge! 

Travel Update 

Possibly my favorite part about living abroad - the ability to go out and explore. To start I spent my birthday weekend in Paris/Versailles. It was an insanely short trip, but an amazing city to say that I have been lucky enough to visit. We also spent 3 days in June on a road trip around the North Coast 500 here in Scotland. This road trip has been voted called 'Scotlands Route 66' and is one of the best ways to see the Scottish Highlands. Again this was a short trip, but I am hoping to get the chance to do it again because there are so many amazing sites to see along the route. I managed a quick day trip over to the west coast of Scotland to explore the Isle of Arran! Oh and last but not least was visiting Cambridge for a few days, while presenting at a conference there!

Managed to stroll to the Louve right after a 'attack' needless to say a facetime with my mom = a very upset mother! 

Explore, see the sites and eat all the amazing french food! 

Ferry ride to the Isle of Arran.

Life Update

Everything has been well to fast. My time in Scotland is dwindling down, my PhD is (hopefully) coming to a close, and now the next question is 'What's Next?'

Well as of now the BF thinks that he is ok with sticking around for a bit longer and is taking up an offer from his company for a visa sponsorship! This means that even though my time for being done here, or hope that I find a job and stay, is no longer that much of an issue. Plus the best part means that if there is a delay with finishing up my PhD, I will have be his 'dependant' and will still have a visa to stay in the UK.

So there you have it - pretty much that is all that I have going on. My main goals over the next few months include WRITE WRITE WRITE - aka PhD life, continue to travel a bit more ( a trip to Germany/Oktoberfest is happening along with along weekend down to London and Harry Potter Studios, and last but not least try to figure out what exactly is next for me!

Well, that is it, a 6-month update and an attempt to step back into blog world! What have y'all been up to on my long hiatus?!?