With the desire to 'get fit', 'be a good PhD student' or better yet just get my life together - I decided to start a 90-day challenge (which really started on March 8th). To be fair the 90 Day Challenge was really just a goal for me, and it gave me a good end date - June 6th aka my 10 year anniversary with the BF.

So why did I decide to go with a long challenge when I usually fail at my monthly goals? I thought that the end date has some actual meaning to me, which my thinking makes the overall goals more achievable. I often set my own personal goals (for a week a month the year) and find that I set off so strong, like legit crushing the goals, and then at some point about two weeks in I have a bad day which turns to multiple bad days. With this challenge, I am hoping that working towards being a 'Happier Me' at the year 10 mark will not only make this challenge more achievable as I generally want to be a better me.

What I want to work on over the next 90 days ---

  1. 30 Minutes of exercise (Going to the gym for a workout or cardio)
  2. Writing / Editing / Revising my thesis (Goal 500 words or 30 minutes of solid revision)
  3. To ''Try'' every day

Why I need these three things to be 'addressed' 

I figured if I needed motivation this would be it, along with the fact that I kinda just need a shake-up in my life. When it comes to 'getting fit', I am a pro at talking myself out of the gym or cave to any whim and food desire of my bestie.

My PhD has forever remained a challenge and possibly even more so now that I am feeling 'meh' about the whole project. No fear though, my research is done, writing is the only challenge that I have left to face, and eventually, I will tackle it!

As for my third goal - I believe the lack of 'fit' and the whole mehhh PhD life has really put a damper on myself personally. I am not depressed, but I am not excited about things either. Even when it comes to things that I would love to do (ex. Go out and explore new places in and around Edinburgh) I can't see myself doing that - I just lack the motivation to.

What I hope to happen

The next 90 days yes will be a bitch to complete, but I am hoping that all of the end results will help me get my (working on) best self back!