How have two months already passed by in 2018? I wish time would slow down - or maybe I just need to get on with it and catch up!

Well, March started off with a bit of a bang here in Edinburgh with the #beastfromtheeast bringing in snow and chaos for a few days.

While I may be a bit late in getting started and have missed out on a few days of getting into the habit of working out and meal prepping for example. Now that the snow is no longer drastically impacting everything I plan to try and start the first full week in March with my goals.

No Spend Month: March 

A month without wasteful spending with the goal to actually prep and plan for things. Of course, I know life happens which is why I have allocated myself £100 for 'fun/life/extras', but in reality, I shouldn't need to spend that much on things that are 'Needed'. 

As of now I have made a budget and plan to stick to it! We shall see as hopefully nothing will pop-up out of the blue! 

Submit Chapters 1-4 to my supervisor

It's sad to think that I have had ''drafts'' of these almost entirely done for a while now and have yet to go in and do a hard revision on them. Once that is done, I need to send them off and hope that I get some actual feedback from my supervisors. 

For the thesis, I would instead prefer to be ripped to shreds earlier than later. I always look at the first few drafts of something that should be 'terrible' with a need for the ''story'' to be adequately developed, which is done when your other readers pick out the flaws. I know that I am not perfect when it comes to thesis writing, but it is something that I have to get better at, and this is my start for March! 

Head to the gym more this month

I am great at starting at the gym, going for a few days and falling off the wagon. I personally love the idea of feeling strong and working out, I am just terrible when it comes to commitment. So this month I have made the goal to go at least 4x per week for a strength session and am planning on doing 2 cardio sessions per week as well. 

Meal Plan / Meal Prep / Eat 80:20

Similiar to my gym habit, my meal planning/prep/eating habits vary throughout the week. I can start strong and finish terribly. I am also on my way to making better choices in terms of my overall food - but would like to see if I can do a split of 80% 'good/healthy/planned' food with 20% of my food being a bit more spontaneous (but avoiding a full-on binge!)

Well, there it is! Goals for March 2018 and what a way to start out the month with a full-on snow storm. Again I may have not been able to get on track at the start of the month, I fully plan on getting into the swing of things now that the snow has stopped!