Day 30. Somehow I have managed to make it through 30 days of my own personal lifestyle challenge. Today I review what I originally intended to do, how I have been doing, along with what I want to improve on for the rest of the challenge.

Life Challenge, Goals

My Three Goals are

  1. 30 Minutes of exercise (Going to the gym for a workout or cardio)
  2. Writing / Editing / Revising my thesis (Goal 500 words or 30 minutes of substantial revision)
  3. To ''Try'' every day
I mentioned in the original post that I needed to address these three for various reasons, but mainly because I felt that I was in a slump and 90 days was kinda perfect as it leads into my 10-year anniversary with the BF.

I felt that these three goals would help improve my overall happiness, my overall mood and in all honesty just help me to start some healthy realistic goals in my life. 

So how have I done...

30 Minutes of exercise (Going to the gym for a workout or cardio)

Happy to say this is the one that I have crushed. I have got a 30-minute workout every day over the last 30 days - including having to do an at-home workout during a mini snow storm we had. I have been doing 5 days of weights and 2 days of a full body or cardio routine. 

As for what I plan on changing - not much really. I enjoy weights, the idea of getting strong keeps me going. For cardio, I am going to try and add in two runs per week. I have an idea to run to a bridge and back and keep track of my times, eventually, once I can fully jog there and back add some distance. Side Goal -- Run a 5k

Writing / Editing / Revising my thesis (Goal 500 words or 30 minutes of solid revision)

This was probably the goal that I was the worst at. But no worries another plan that I have in place to get this going. The 100 Day Thesis... 

Now this is a bit longer and in truth adding to this challenge, but I have been reading/listening to how to just get the first (and complete) draft DONE. This is the biggest hurdle because after that there is feedback, revisions, and corrections - but the primary thing is done - the complete draft. 

To ''Try'' every day

I again didn't do the best at this one but am feeling pretty confident where I am headed. I have done a few things - like leaving my naturally curly/wavy hair as my go-to style. This means no more straightening my hair, only to have it up in a ponytail, I just wear my hair down and its natural style. 

I PURGED my closet, with the goal to figure out my own 'Capsule Wardrobe.' 
Now I am nowhere near done and on my way to the stylish Capsule Wardrobe that seems to dominate the blogging world, instead, I am working to figuring out how to wear what I have and make sure that it is not Jeans and a T-shirt every day. 

Overall Day 1-30 

I am pretty excited that I have somewhat stuck with what I set out to achieve, I still have work to do mainly on number 2 & 3, but I am getting there. My main goals over the next 30 days include 
  1. Watching what I eat and add in the run days
  2. REALLY write and track my progress. Start a writing habit (first thing in the morning or a pompadour technique)
  3. 3 days a week (when I am headed to university) try some outfits that I usually wouldn't wear (aka no trainers, jeans and t-shirts my usual go-to outfit.)
Of course, I would love to crush all of these for the next 60 days but I just think that looking at setting up sub-goals to achieve major goals works best for me.

So there it is an honest update, along with what I want to focus on next. Of course, if there is any advice that you have on how you have set out to achieve and succeed your goals, please share! I love hearing what others have done to work on their own goals.